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Surviving Doors Members to Stage Rare Reunion at Charity Show

Nick DeRiso (Ultimate Classic Rock, Jan 17, 2020)

Doors drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger will play a 30-minute, semi-acoustic set at a Los Angeles charity event focusing on homelessness.

They've appeared onstage together only a few times since ending a lengthy legal battle in the wake of bandmate Ray Manzarek's death in 2013.

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The Doors' John Densmore Regrets Not Standing Up To "Madman" Jim Morrison

Andrew Magnotta (iHeart, Jan 8, 2020)

The Doors' drummer John Densmore has been forthright over the years about his complicated relationship with his band's iconic late-front man Jim Morrison.

Densmore maintains that Morrison's legend of being a "Dionysian madman," "psychopath" and "lunatic" is completely accurate. He notes that like many people in the singer's life, he at once both loved and feared Morrison, and he could never be sure where he stood with Morrison at any given time.

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John Densmore … ‘I hated his self-destruction …’ Photograph: Jeff Katz

Doors Drummer John Densmore: ‘It Took Me Years To Forgive Jim Morrison’

Jenny Stevens (The Guardian, Jan 8, 2020)

It took the Doors’ drummer, John Densmore, three years to visit the grave of his bandmate Jim Morrison after he was found dead in a Paris bathtub in 1971. He didn’t even go to the funeral. “Did I hate Jim?” Densmore pauses, although he is not obviously alarmed by the question. “No. I hated his self-destruction … He was a kamikaze who went out at 27 – what can I say?”

Quite a lot, it transpires. Morrison was a man who was spectacularly good at being a rock star – a lithe figure in leather trousers, prophesying about death, sex and magic on some of the biggest hits of the 1960s – Light My Fire, Break on Through, and Hello, I Love You. But he was catastrophically bad at the rest of life. Like many alcoholics, he could be reckless, selfish and mercurial. “The Dionysian madman,” Densmore has called him – a “psychopath”, a “lunatic” and “the voice that struck terror in me."

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Bill Sanders Miami Herald File

Did the Rock Star Unzip It On Stage In Front of a Miami Crowd? Let’s Take A Look

Miami Herald Archives, Feb 17, 2019

Did Jim Morrison expose himself in Miami? In the days well before cellphone cameras, some people remembered seeing it. Some people didn’t. A member of the band said it was a “mass hallucination.”

But after the Doors played Dinner key on March 1, 1969, the criminal justice system went to work. The Lizard King was arrested and put on trial for indecent exposure.

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Babitz aged 20 in the now famous photo of her playing chess against artist Marcel Duchamp in 1963

'These Breasts Have Conquered the World!' Eve Babitz, the 70s Hollywood It Girl Reveals How She Posed Naked With Artist Marcel Duchamp and Bedded Jim Morrison, Harrison Ford, Warren Beatty and Steve Martin

Caroline Howe (, Jan. 8, 2019)

Eve Babitz was an unquenchable Los Angeles groupie who bedded some of the world's biggest stars. And now the 75-year-old is reflecting on her heyday of being a wild party girl.

Babitz shared some of her fondest memories about the rock 'n' roll lifestyle she led in the 1960s and 1970s when she sat down with author Lili Anolik for her new book Hollywood's Eve: Eve Babitz and the Secret History of L.A.

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Even before gaining literary fame, the LA wild child Eve Babitz had torrid affairs with rockers and movie stars including Jim Morrison and Harrison Ford, according to a new book. Getty Images

How a Badass, Ex-drug Addict Groupie Became a Millennial Hero at 75

Stefanie Cohen (New York Post, Jan 5, 2019)

Even at 20, in 1963, Eve Babitz knew how to make a statement. Back then, her curator boyfriend gave the artist Marcel Duchamp a retrospective in Pasadena, Calif., and made the mistake of not inviting her to the opening party.

So she attended another party at the museum days later. There, a photographer for Time magazine needed a shot of Duchamp playing chess with a young woman. Naked.

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The Doors’ 10 Best Deep Cuts The Doors’ 10 Best Deep Cuts

RADIO.COM (Audacy, Dec 28, 2018)

The Doors were like a shooting star through the late 60s and early 70s. They released six studio albums between 1967 and 1971 and were gone. The death of iconic singer Jim Morrison effectively ended the band, leaving behind a stable of hits like “Light My Fire,” “Love Me Two Times,” and “Riders on the Storm.”

But The Doors, like many bands of their era, were much more than their hits. Their music was best listened to as works of art—deserving of a front-to-back listen on vinyl. The poetic words of Morrison and the jazz and blues-infused music of guitarist Robby Krieger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and drummer John Densmore inspired countless other artists, and their influence can be heard in every genre since.

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Photo by Chris

Who’s Buried in Jim Morrison’s Epitaph?

Fortunato Salazar (Electric Lit, Dec 19, 2018)

If you die young, you’re at the mercy of the friends and family who bury you. You weren’t thinking about the cemetery at the time you bit the dust. The plot where you’ll be laid out eternally isn’t even faintly visible in your remote imagined future. You’re not focused on that plot. You’re living it up and making a name for yourself in the career that chose you (concert pianist, stand-up comic, chef). Unless you’re truly exceptional, a prodigy of morbid foresight, you haven’t given a thought to the inscription on your tomb.

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The Doors—from left to right: John Densmore (drummer), Robby Krieger (guitarist), Jim Morrison (singer), and Ray Manzarek (keyboardist)—arrive at Heathrow Airport in London, England on September 3, 1968. Photo by Granada Television.



Several stories circulate about the inspiration behind the Doors’ classic “People Are Strange” from their second album Strange Days. But keyboardist Ray Manzarek had a very clear version of his own.

Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors, posed for "The Young Lion" (aka "The American Poet") session at Joel Brodsky’s studio in New York City, New York on September 18, 1967. Photo by Joel Brodsky.

November 11, 1969: The Doors frontman Jim Morrison is arrested by the FBI


In the history of rock and roll, there has been a pretty lengthy list when it comes to iconic groups. Who could possibly forget the Beatles, Queen, or even Pink Floyd? They are the champions, my friend. But there is one other memorable band that has consistently topped the charts since the ’60’s.

Ever heard of The Doors?

No, this is not a reference to Home Depot. The Doors was a rock band that got together in the city of L.A. in the year 1965. Decades later the radio is still playing those seriously catchy tunes.

Although the entire group stunned the world with hits such as “Light My Fire” and “Riders On The Storm,” one member definitely stole the show.

Jim Morrison was the man

The frontman of The Doors, Jim Morrison, is probably a name you’ve heard once or twice. He’s literally a rock and roll god, and he was as aesthetically-pleasing as he was talented.

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